What about your friends: a girlfriend for every woman

Often times, I’ve encountered women who say they’d rather have male friends – implying that men are less apt to be biased in their judgments. In my opinion, men no matter their sexual preference, can not offer a good ol’ fashion girlfriend heart to heart and downright-fun-girlfriends-only shindig. There’s nothing better than having a woman on your side – someone who understands your chocolate cravings during that “time of the month,” can relate to your relationship ills or offer a listening ear when you’re having problems with your male supervisor.

I’ve lost a few friendships along the journey throughout my life, but as Tyler Perry’s Madea has so cleverly said in one of his plays, some folks are just leaves, passing in the wind. Currently, I have a very small circle of women friends; some of whom I’ve known for a very long time, some that I’ve reunited with since high school and others I met in recent years. Do we always agree? No. But that’s the beauty of friendships with girlfriends. You can argue today (assuming it wasn’t detrimental) and reconnect at a later time.

Although my circle is itty bitty, each of my friends offers a personable trait that helps us become better women, better friends and they always keep me on my toes kinda like the Golden Girls.



You know you have a true girlfriend who’s worth keeping in the fold when she meets any of the following traits:

THE RIDE OF DIE FRIEND thelma-and-louise

She always has your back – she will don a ponytail and tennis shoes in a heartbeat as well as lather your face with Vaseline, in the event somebody or something “pops off.” Bail money is conveniently concealed underneath her mattress on the left side next to her loaded pistol.


She tells it like it is and doesn’t mind hurting your feelings, if it means getting you to focus on more important matters. She doesn’t hold punches but she’s hesitant to reach below the belt. She knows that telling you what you may not want to hear is probably what you need to hear.




She’s successful and driven. You admire her and she motivates you to better manage your finances and your life. She’s probably the friend you call when you need bail money after an episode with your RIDE OR DIE FRIEND.




When you’re feeling low, she brings a ton of laughter followed by a number of good stiff drinks. And, she probably can drink you under the table. Both of you typically laugh your heads off while slurring your words. By the time you get home, you may not even remember the drama that led you to the bar in the first place.

last-holidayTHE WANDERLUST

This friend is an adventure-seeking individual. As a result of her love for new exploits, she pushes you to experience the fullness of life. You two travel together, swim under waterfalls and zipline across an expansive forest.

shirley-caesar“THE PLUG” FRIEND

She has the hookup on just about anything you need from weave bundles, concert tickets to designer purses. She knows somebody who knows somebody who can get you what you need.

With qualities like these, it’s nice to know that girlfriends can withstand the test of time and they come equipped with some pretty unique perks making it darn difficult for a male friend to compare. Getting rid of the idea of a female friend, #ibedamned.

If I missed a girlfriend-worthy attribute, please share it with me in the comments section.


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32 thoughts on “What about your friends: a girlfriend for every woman

  1. I was naming off a friend in my head for each one of these as I was reading. I can’t just pick one that represents myself. I’m many of these to different friends depending who they are, and what they need at the time. 🙂

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  2. I loved reading this and i have a few of these friends. Not all. I am a lil crossy myself so i fit into many of the roles. It depends what the friend needs. This determines the mood. I love my friends. (.) my circle.

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  3. Haha! This is funny and yet very true! I have a ride or die friend whom I’ve known since high school. We now live in different states, but if I ever needed something, I know I can call her up and she’d do what she could to be by my side. I love your list!

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  4. Well I’m a guy, with lots of female friends. I am gay, and can find myself and relate in sertain perspectives with girl more than guys. I see how this would turn out otherwise with a girl with male friends.

    And allots of my female friends are the ride and die chicks haha

    X, Alex


  5. I used to only have guys as my friends, because I grew up in an area where the children were predominantly male. I just kind of continued on the path until I moved to Chester and met a really sound group of girls. I never realised what I was missing out until I got my first proper girlfriends.
    P.S I totally am the Truth Hurts friend.
    Katja xxx

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  6. I’m definitely one of those girls who, by some random coincidence, has primarily male friends, but mostly because I’ve had good experiences with them. It was only just recently that I’ve started to make more female friends and I actually realize how much my life had been missing before. You just have to find the ones that stick out and aren’t apt to hurt you in the long run, and those become the ride or die go-to’s. However, I do completely understand the flip side of just being used and hurt over and over by catty girls, so it really does come down to timing and meeting the right people!

    xx Heather | stormywheather.com


    • I’m so with you! I tend to stick to myself because women can be catty, but when I need an ear, I turn to my true blues. They don’t live nearby but they’re only a phone call away.


  7. I have only 4 good friends and as they live in different cities i really miss them. But we always try to meet on holidays so i am looking forward for Christmas. Thanks for sharing! Helene.

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