Dear 80s baby: a letter to my younger self

Born on the heels of the Baby Boomers, the 80s baby was introduced to society around the time of the drug boom, during the birth of the neon fashion craze and big, wild hair. We were the rockers, the hip hoppers, the techies. Oh, how I wish I had a crystal ball, a genie in a bottle or superpowers so that I could freeze time or take a walkabout into the future. If I could talk to my younger self, I’d give the greatest pep talk of the 20th century.

Dear 80s baby,

Enjoy life…period. Make more memories during elementary school recess, snap up more polaroids with the family and knock on just one more neighbor’s door, run like hell so you can laugh about it later. 80s baby, you may not understand it now but relish in the creature comforts of blissful youth because what’s in store for you later will make you cringe at humankind.

You think curfews are bad now? Just wait until the two-thousand-teens when you’re afraid to venture outdoors.

Imagine police in riot gear in your neighborhood on a Sunday afternoon, reckless and rebellious youth, mother nature wreaking havoc on far reaches of the globe, gunmen shooting down innocent bystanders, our country’s wayward justice system, historic and unprecedented elections and men dying helplessly in the street while their suspects go free. I’m merely touching the surface. This is your life, 80s baby.

Mama will never tell you that there would be days like this. She will; however, tell you that history repeats itself but you are the captain of your destiny. YOU are at the helm of your life.

You’ll experience tragedies – lose family and friends and become overwhelmed by personal struggles. But, you’ll also observe many triumphs. It may be that you have to work twice as hard or that you may be passed up for some advancements, but not to count you out, in the end, you will make it and celebrate in your victories.

You’ll be in the class of firsts, you’ll witness history in technology, social media will be the bridge to reuniting families and friends and developments in medicines will allow many patients to live longer.

80s baby, we still have a long way to go; you were born to be resilient. Your grandparents fought the race, your parents carried the baton and now it’s up to you to finish it. You’re just getting started. You see, there are decades to follow, and you’ll have lots of time to put your stamp on it. And, by the time you peer into the 20-teens, you’ll know that 30 years earlier, wasn’t just a walk in the park, it was training day. #ibedamned.


Your future self

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28 thoughts on “Dear 80s baby: a letter to my younger self

  1. This post…..I want to go back to being oblivious to what’s going on around me. I fear for our kids but won’t let drive our lives. We live in NY where it’s common to see armed guards in the subway and this is not okay. But this is how our kids are growing up. God bless us all.

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  2. Great post. I am a 70’s baby and I loved that time period but the 80’s brought my teen years and those were indeed some great times. I would tell my younger self to live my life for me and no one else!


  3. This was a good read, I’m an 80’s baby but remember more of the 90s, I felt happy reading about that time but was sad reading about the current times. Every so often i wish I was a child and am not so sure about this adulting life.. lol

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  4. I’m an 80s baby too and I can definitely relate. We’ve gone through a lot of social, technical and emotional changes it’s not funny. I wouldn’t change it though. Great post.

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  5. Who knew being an adult that you would face so many hardships. It definitely seemed so much easier for my parents when they bought their first home at 25. At 40 I’m no where near home ownership.


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