A Blessing in Sisco’s Scars

Around the Thanksgiving holiday, many of us are scrambling to grocery stores gathering our goods for a holiday meal or packing our bags to hit the highway for a family getaway. For me, both options were up for grabs and I was more than ready for my one-day hiatus from work. But, before the festivities could occur, I was to volunteer and donate a free Thanksgiving meal to a deserving family. The mission: ask online subscribers to submit a story of a family in need; a family who could use an extra hand financially this holiday season. The submissions poured in and the recipient was subsequently chosen. Easy enough and worth every minute. But, the lesson wasn’t in the gift giving. The lesson was in what I would learn from the family that so graciously shared their heartwarming story. Break out the tissues because this one is a tearjerker.


Courtesy: Facebook

Meet Francisco, affectionately known as Sisco. I had heard about Francisco as I was one of many news reporters who had followed his story which later had gone viral. He was a promising high school student-athlete who was injured in a near-fatal crash. And, he was clinging to life after the vehicle he was an occupant in was t-boned on the passenger side. He was a straight ‘A’ student, a football player and a role model to his two brothers as well as to his peers.


As a result of the crash, his skull was fractured, his spleen broken, his brain swollen and his lungs were filled with blood. From the pictures, it was a miracle that anyone walked away alive. His family was informed that he would have a long road to recovery. That was April 8th, 2016.

Eight months later, November 21st, 2016, on a surprise visit to share our Thanksgiving bundle, my friends and I walked into the home Sisco shared with his grandparents. We distributed a free turkey, ham, sides, pies and all the fixings befitting of a glorious meal.


Hoodstock Founder, Courtney ‘Schola’ Long pictured with Sisco

And in walked Francisco with bright eyes and a smile – a remarkable transformation from the images I had seen months earlier. He walked into the living room with a natural pace accompanied with a slight limp wearing a shirt adorned with Superman’s emblem.

He appeared to have a glowing silhouette that brightened the already well-lit room. He hugged each of us thus melting our hearts. It was our hope that we would bring cheer to the family (which I believe we accomplished), but we were on the receiving end overwhelmed with an abundance of joy and still in awe-struck by a person we believed was still bedridden from life-threatening injuries.

I think it’s safe to say that we all fought back tears as he told us that he held no malice for the driver responsible, he talked about his desire to seek employment or enroll in college and even joked about his scars.



Courtesy: Shea Drake

Sisco hugged us once more and thanked us for our generosity. Before meeting him, my only concern was picking up last-minute groceries, sifting through my closet for my Thanksgiving outfit and reminding myself of how delicious Thanksgiving meal was going to taste. But, as I headed out of Francisco’s home, I was reminded of the truest spirit of Thanksgiving. Not even the donations could make me feel better than knowing that despite his previous health condition; he had lain in a coma and unable to walk, Sisco was truly a shining example of a higher power at work. He remained humble, uplifted and thankful. We were the financial donors, but #ibedamned, what he gave us, money can’t buy.

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28 thoughts on “A Blessing in Sisco’s Scars

  1. This accident happened in Pierre Part and Sisco considers the fireman who responded to be hero’s, on the contrary he is the hero. To have such a positive attitude and outlook on life after what is has been thru is nothing short of a miracle. He has inspired us all and continues to so as he tackles life.
    Good luck Sisco
    Pierre Part Fireman

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  2. We had the pleasure of meeting Sisco for a football game this year. What a touching moment. We continue to keep him in our prayers as he continues his remarkable journey to recovery.

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  3. Wow! That must have been such an emotional and also very special meeting. It’s wonderful that he has a cheery outlook on life and doesn’t hold on to the horrible past. That alone helps with the healing. It’s such a wonderful thing that you are doing. Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in ourselves, we forget all the others that are struggling. Something for us all to think about. Happy Thanksgiving!

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    • And, he’s only 18 years old. Not many young adults have that attitude. Even older adults don’t care as much. He is truly a special being. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.


  4. Then you so much we are all very thankful and blessed to have him here with us it was so hard when i walked into that room for the 1st time and hearing what the Dr’s were saying and wondering why, how, so young, so strong, so loving, caring, smart,a bright future,why romeo ,why!?!? But as each day passed from coming out of the coma we had more hope and faith that he would survive and each day he improved and each time I was more anxious on that drive to see him and his improvements!! He is a fighter and still some time to go but he is already ready to face the world and reminds us all daily that he’s 18 now and doesn’t have to listen to anyone!!! He’s always smiling and has lots of jokes and so much love and is very forgiving.. I was so shocked to see just how many lives he touched and how many people he knows!! Good bless all and Happy Holidays and remember it’s about family…love the ones you have 💞

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    • He’s a special being and I was so blessed to have met him. Thank you for sharing his story. Please feel free to share this blog as I hope it will touch others. I’ve already had a few readers tell me that his story was moving and inspiring.


  5. Whew. Emotional triggers there. I had a student hit in a similar situation and he remains paralyzed. It’s truly a blessing that Sisco is soaring and I’m sure he will not forget the kind gesture your family offered to him and his.

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  6. What an inspirational story! Sometimes we don’t understand why unfortunate things happen to such good people but I’m happy to see that he is almost fully recovered and wearing a superman shirt! Thank you for sharing!

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  7. What a touching story of God’s grace and forgiveness. Obviously, God has plans for Francisco. He has a testimony to share with others. We touch so many lives just by serving those in need. Aren’t you glad you were part of something so special?

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