RaNsOM NOte: ReTaiL HOStagEs

Dear Retail Store,

YOU OWE ME. Why? Because, I am your customer. Your ads are delivered to my home weekly and the pretty, photoshopped pictures and attractive prices catch my eye. By the way, BOGOs are the best! In return, I purchase clothing, food and home essentials from your business. It’s the good ol’ American way, right? You want my money and all I want is your respect.

As a business, consider the hard work that your consumers put in daily to make a living; 35+ hours a week to make ends meet or putting in extra hours just to afford retail therapy. Money has no respect of person; therefore, you shouldn’t either. I just want fair and honest representation, and I’ll hold you hostage for as long as I deem necessary. Meet my requests and you can go free. I’m a simple lady. And, I don’t want anyone to get hurt.

  • Stock your shelves with hair products that cater to my hair texture!
  • Stock your shelves with makeup products that are shades darker than “tan!”
  • Give me pantyhose that match my skin tone!
  • And, your “nude” bras…well, they don’t camouflage well on my flesh-colored, dark brown “nude” skin.


I demand that you take corrective measures.  I understand my worth; I know my buying power. And, in case you try to pull a fast one, I’m prepared. I’ll take to social media, tell my friends to tell their friends and phone more friends to shop elsewhere. After all, online shopping is the newest trend.

I’d prefer the convenience of shopping locally, but I will not be ignored. It’s pretty simple. Stock the shelves or your net profit gets it!


BFADK: Black Female Armed and Dangerous with Knowledge


But you want me to turn a blind eye to your impracticality. Well, #ibedamned!

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13 thoughts on “RaNsOM NOte: ReTaiL HOStagEs

  1. YES! I agree with this post 100%!! I always have the hardest time finding makeup to match my complexion, so I usually order it or buy from a more pricey company (which I’d rather not do). I would definitely love to see more diversity with products to meet the needs of people of color. Great post!

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