Uninvited Guest

You showed up uninvited. You’re not welcomed here. And, bullying me is not going to solve anything.


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We met one random day long ago. By the way, I never remember your birthday. Your mere presence has always been…underwhelming. Since you were birthed, it wasn’t love at first sight. In fact, it felt like shattered dreams; a nightmare even. However, folks told me, to “get over it” and embrace you. Mom and Dad told me to love you. “I. hate. you,” I often whispered under my breath. You came into my life when things were just starting to really blossom; I was a college graduate, secured my first place and my first real job. And, then you arrived; a bundle of confusion. Even now that you’re starting to “mature,” you’re still aggravating and yep, your presence still fails to impress me.

2466907728_6574769d5e_mAt any given moment, you’re never too far behind; always peeking and putting your nose in places it has no business. I pretend not to notice you but you’re irksome. I wish you’d just go away. I admit I’m unyielding in my disdain against you. Some think I’m a bit extreme. I’m just bold enough to say it aloud.

Foolish me to think we could coexist and share a common space. I tried to look at the good in you, but I couldn’t get over the fact that we were so very different. I’d say young, you’d say old. I’d say dark, you’d say light. You always wanted to be the center of attention. Nevermind that I had the winning personality and yes, the oh-so-good looks. But, you’d do anything to spoil my fun.

You’re the one rotten apple that spoiled the bunch, the thorn in my cerebrum, the albatross around my follicle. Single gray hair, you’re the uninvited guest I wish had never RSVP’d. Single gray hair plus one…plus two…plus plenty.



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